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Our main dishes are Chinese Dim Sum, Chiu Chau Style Soy Marinate, Roast Meat, Cantonese Dishes. Not only that, we also have many set meals, various fried rice and noodles for customers to enjoy.

Exquisite Chinese dim sum, beautifully shaped, well-prepared and extremely tasty, with a cultural connotation.

The Chinese food culture is vast and profound, and Chinese dim sum is also a rich and colourful experience.

Chinese dim sum is not only about taste and nutrition, but also about the culture and meaning it contains.


Barbecued pork is a famous traditional dish with a wide variety of colours and flavours, and belongs to the Cantonese cuisine family.

It originated in Guangdong and is popular in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and southern China. It is a dish with a slightly sweet flavour, which is a favourite among Cantonese people.


Marinade, a dish made by cooking the initially processed and blanched ingredients in a prepared marinade.

Lo-mei is characterised by its heavy colour and flavour, with the overall colour ranging from date red to dark red. This is because these lo-mei have a very long process from soaking to brining, and when the flavour has fully penetrated in, the colour becomes intense.

Another major feature is the heavy herbal component. In addition to the thick soup base, the lo-mei is also brined with a special herbal pack, which has a tonic effect on the one hand and makes the aroma more intense on the other.


Cantonese cuisine is one of the eight major cuisines in China and one of the four major Chinese cuisines.

Cantonese cuisine is characterised by its freshness, aroma, lightness and crispness, as well as its colour and flavour, highlighting the original taste of the ingredients themselves.

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